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Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

Class Timetable

All Classes are run on Fridays & Sundays

General Gymnastics

Based on the notion that gymnastics is a sport for everybody, Gymnastics for All is the flagship discipline of the sport. We offer beginner classes from age 5+ and the focus of Gymnastics for All activities is Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fundamentals. The structure of the class is based around all disciplines of gymnastics, including Acrobatics, Floor, Beam, Vault, Trampette, Rhythmic and Tumbling. We also focus on improving flexibility and strength as this is essential to sustain good gymnastics skills.

We also offer an Intermediate class which is an invite only class which focuses on more advanced skills and polished technique. This group also have the opportunity to compete at regional level.

Children are encouraged to learn and experience a variety of basic movement patterns across the range of gymnastics disciplines. By exposing children to movement and skills involved in all disciplines, they can quickly find their feet, choose to specialise in one discipline or transition to another as their preferences change.

Gymnastics for All is about 'More Opportunities for More People' and offers a wide range of experiences for participants and spectators while providing the opportunity to focus on fun, fitness, friendship and fundamentals.

For more information on these classes and for current availability, please contact us.

Adult Gymnastics

It might be your first handstand. Or your first vault. Or you may want to get back into a sport that you once participated in. Whatever challenge you set yourself, there's nothing better than knowing you can do it. If you're over eighteen, adult gymnastics provides a new opportunIty to try out an amazing sport. You can test yourself at a range of different activities. And by building, your strength, flexibility and control, you'll see your performance improve in other sports too. Whether you're looking to take your first steps at gymnastIcs or get back into the sport, adult gymnastics makes it easy. There's a big social element, which makes the sessions a lot of fun. As you're starting out, you'll learn the basic moves, and how to perform them on apparatus such as the air track, floor and vault. You'll also learn about your body, your muscles and the way you move. As your strength and flexibility increase, you can challenge and support your mates to try increasingly impressive moves. Even enter one of the adult gymnastics competitions if you want. Of course, if you'd prefer to take part just for the fun and fitness, that's great too. Speak to us today if you are interested in joining.

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