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Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics
Club Awards Medals

We operate our own Gymnastics Awards Medal Scheme at Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics.  Our own progressive system is tailored to the structure and needs of our club and gymnasts. Our aim is to give all of our gymnasts the opportunity to achieve and progress from complete beginner to advanced level and at any age. 

The scheme consists of 10 levels, each with a colour theme. Each colour level contains 10 skills that gymnasts must work on to develop a wide range of competence in various disciplines. These skill sets consist of:

  • Aerobic fitness

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Floor

  • Jump/ Agility

  • Vault Preparation

  • Hand Apparatus/ Partner Work

  • Strength (Static)

  • Strength (Active)

The 10 colour levels progress from Beginner to Advanced, with Yellow being the first level and Diamond being the most advanced. 

The pass mark for each level is 7 out of 10, and will be assessed by the coaches frequently throughout the year. Upon successful completion of each level, gymnasts will have the opportunity to purchase the certificate and a medal as recognition of their achievement.


We aim to work on the new Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics Awards Scheme in a minimum of 2 terms per year. 

We look forward to all of our gymnasts working on this scheme with us, and succeeding in their future gymnastics goals at Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics.

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