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Competition Routines - July 2023 Club Competition

Our Club Competition is being held on Sunday 2nd July 2023, in order for our Gymnasts' to be fully prepared please see below for their routines. Gymnasts will be told if they are competing the A, B or C routine.



Floor Routine (3 strips together with optional

Linking choreography)

1. Balance: Any One foot stand

2. Agility: Forward roll/forward roll to straddle stand

3. Flexibility: Bridge/Splits/Japana/Pike fold

4. Strength: Dish


5. Strength: Arch

6. Balance: Y balance/Arabesque/V-SIT/

Shoulder stand/Frog balance/ Headstand/ Handstand.

7. Agility: Cartwheel/Round off


8. Agility: Backward roll/Cartwheel

9. Leap: Catleap/ Scissor Kick/ Split Leap


10. Jump: Tuck jump/Star jump/Straddle/ Half turn/Full turn jump.



Squat Through or Straddle over

On 3 or 4 High Vault with Big Springboard.

Harder vault can be performed for additional


A Routine


Floor Routine

  1. Forward roll to pike sitting

  2. Pike Fold

  3. Back Support

  4. Turn to front support

  5. Star Jump

  6. 1 Foot Balance




Run Star Jump from Springboard to


B Routine


Floor Routine

  1. Forward roll

  2. Straight Jump

  3. Tuck Jump

  4. Rock backwards and lie on back

  5. Bridge

  6. Back Support

  7. Front Support

  8. Arabesque




Squat on star jump off

2 high vault and baby spring board.

C Routine (Same as Catleaps Stage 2).


Floor Routine

1. Forward roll to pike sit
2. V-Sit without hands (min 3 second hold)
3. Back Support to Front Support, jump in and jump up

4. Step kick to join legs in a Handstand
5. Forward Roll to stand
6. Jump Full Turn
7. Straight Jump forward (skip step)
8. Cartwheel 1/4 turn to join feet
9. Backward Roll to straddle

10. Scissor Kick above horizontal




Run, jump on board, straight jump, land,

kick to handstand flat-back

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