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Female Gymnast on Balance Beam

In order to register interest for the club please complete and submit an online form using the below link. Please note that NO payment will be requested for term fees when registering interest. We will then be in contact with further details.

Autumn Term 2023 Dates

Friday Sessions - 8 Weeks

Friday 1st September 2023 - Friday 20th October 2023

Sunday  Sessions - 8 Weeks

Sunday 3rd September 2023 - Sunday 22nd October 2023

Winter Term 2023 Dates

Friday Sessions - 8 Weeks

Friday 27th October 2023 - Friday 15th December 2023

Sunday  Sessions - 8 Weeks

Sunday 29th October 2023 - Sunday 17th December 2023

Fees are processed by PayPal (via our online membership portal, Love  Fees are inclusive of transaction fees.


Please note that we do not offer a free trial session. However, sessions are refundable up to 7 days after payment as a cooling off period, (minus any transaction fees). Thereafter sessions are non-refundable.


British Gymnastics Insurance

Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics is proud to be a part of our National Governing Body: British Gymnastics. It is compulsory for all coaches and gymnasts to be a member of British Gymnastics, which covers members with accident insurance, alongside all of the benefits of being part of a BG registered club. The membership runs yearly and is an annual fee, due at the start of the Autumn Term classes (September). At present the fees is £20.00 for General Gymnastics per year.

​All gymnasts must be a member of British Gymnastics and H&F School of Gymnastics to take part. Please click the following link to register with British Gymnastics.


Annual Club Membership Fee

There is a £40 annual Club Membership fee for Hammersmith & Fulham School of Gymnastics which includes administrative costs and card transaction fees (due in January.)  For new members joining part way through the year, the fee is reduced pro -rata. See below pro rata schedule:

Joining January-June: £40

Joining July-December: £20

Late Payment Fee

If payment of fees is not made by the due date in your enrolment email a late payment fee of £10 will automatically be applied to your account. 

Enrolment/ Term Dates

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